Language Training


Relocating to another country like China (Beijing, Shanghai…) as an expatriate always brings along the challenges of cross cultural differences. Scout Relocation and its accredited training centers and cross cultural coaches have customized consulting, training and coaching services in interactive workshops where assignees explore and understand the differences in culture. These relocation training services are tailored to the specific situation of you and your family, to give a full introduction to living and working in China.

Often Cross Cultural training services are recommended for assignees who are newly relocated to China, and are expected to adapt and contribute to the business in a relatively short space of time.

Scout Relocation cross-cultural training topics:

  • Morals, attitudes and behavior
  • Social elegances, politeness, hospitality, communication skills
  • Business styles, management, decision making and negotiating
  • Culture
  • Customs, religion and tradition
  • Understanding culture shock and how to deal with it
  • Social Orientation

Scout Relocation will make sure to tailor an appropriate Cross-Cultural service package fitting the assignee’s interests: Whether the assignee wants to improve their business or social skills, Scout Relocation provide the most suitable training center accordingly.


Scout Relocation with its accredited language training partners provide a wide range of flexible programs that are tailored to the specific language training needs of the employee and their family anywhere in large Chinese cities (Beijing, Shanghai…).

  • Select language training companies: our language training partners have been selected because we trust their services and believe that our assignees and their families will feel the same way.
  • Accompany & advise you by choosing a language school: We accompany the assignee and their family during the visits of pre- selected language training centers and share our feedbacks.
  • Assist you in signing up for a language course: Once the language training center final selection as been made, Scout Relocation will take care of your registration for you.

Information: HR department may choose between individual language training or group training as per your specific needs.

My wife and I personally recommend expats to go for a cross-cultural training program when just arriving in China. It helps to integrate faster into the local culture by sharing experiences like communication, cooking, yoga, languages and more.