Departure Services

Scout Relocation’s Departure Services program is here to assist the expatriate individual or family with a wide range of solutions to avoid any delay and additional costs with the administrative process involved while relocating. Repatriating is a time-consuming process and Scout Relocation is here to make sure everything goes smoothly and has been properly settled.

Scout Relocation’s meticulous check-in process (Home Inventory) will be of great benefit during your departure housing termination in order to avoid any additional financial liabilities (Home Damage, Deposit).

Our departure services are divided into housing termination departure services and non-housing termination departure services, both available in many cities in China (Beijing, Shanghai…)

Housing termination services package:

  • Lease termination notification to landlord
  • Pre-inspection of residence
  • Rectification Works and Cleaning
  • Disconnecting utilities
  • Property handover
  • Home cleaning
  • Recovery of security deposit
  • Termination of furniture lease
  • Temporary Housing (interim period during hand over)

Non-Housing termination services package:

  • Closing bank account(s)
  • Deregistering with the authorities (Work Permit, Visa)
  • Collect of Social Security money back from government (Retirement funds)
  • Cancelling insurance (Property, Health)
  • School registration (Tuition fees)
  • Terminate club memberships/subscriptions (phone)
  • Mail forwarding support
  • Cancelling school enrolments
  • Temporary Storage (if necessary)
  • Moving coordination

Very supportive to have Linda help us in our last week as we were overwhelmed with tons of stuff to pack for our moving back to England.