Home search

Looking for a home is like shopping for clothes. Photos are useful, but you have to be here to make sure the merchandise fits you.

Finding the proper home answering your budget and personal requirements might be a time-consuming process and therefore take few days or more to be found. Due to many years of experience relocating expats in China, our Scout Relocation Consultant will speed up that process in order to find the right houses and/or apartments for the assignee and their family.

Do not forget to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Your rental budget
  • Your commute to work
  • Your kids commute to school
  • Transportation: Subway, ring road, shuttle bus to school
  • Convenience: Foreign supermarkets, cafes, restaurants.
  • Is it kid friendly?
  • Are we far from expat attractions?
  • Do I get foreign TV channels?
  • Is there a gym?

Our expert consultant is here to understand and anticipate housing challenges in order to reduce costs and stresses of temporary accommodation. Your Scout Relocation Consultant provides reliable Chinese market rental information, local practices of leasing and many tips on the assignees home search.

Scout Relocation Consultants assists the assignee throughout the entire housing process, which involves:

  • Property Viewings
  • Orientation tour of Residential Areas
  • Negotiations with landlords on preferred properties
  • Contract reviewing (translations assistance if necessary)
  • Landlord due diligence
  • Rental Lease Contract Signature
  • Payment assistance (Deposit, first rental, collect rental invoice, Prepare debit note)
  • HR Ongoing Reporting (if required)

The Scout team quickly understood our housing needs and in only 5 days we made our final decision on a 3 bedroom at Central Park.