Orientation tour

Scout Relocation Orientation Tour Package introduces and prepares incoming families to Chinese cities (Beijing, Shanghai…) environments and local living conditions. The orientation tour package is generally up to a maximum of seven days and are usually scheduled one or two months prior to relocation to China (depending on the wishes and expectations of the employee or HR department).

An Orientation tour for the assignee is an opportunity to look and see a new environment and to help in the decision to accept an assignment or for the corporations to reassure a family of their new environment.

Scout Relocation orientation tour / Look & See package includes:

  • Meet & greet at the airport (Hotel or Office Transfer)
  • Welcome Bag (Information about the city -Local Map- cost of living, cross culture tips, schools, useful contacts, etc.)
  • Housing Tour (Explanation of the property market & daily life tips included)
  • Information and visit of public transport (Subway, Taxi, Bus)
  • Visiting shopping facilities, accommodations and attractions (Furniture shops, supermarkets, shopping mall, restaurant, bar streets)
  • Introduction to local expat associations and organizations
  • Information on the education system and visits to potential schools or kindergartens
  • Information on the health system and visits of international hospitals, dentist, etc.
  • Information on property and health insurance
  • Intercultural briefing (Scout Relocation Consultant)
  • The individual or family members will have many opportunities to ask for more useful information according to their personal interest (Religious, sports, travelling, etc.…)
  • Bank Account Opening assistance

Information: All of our relocation tours utilize a vehicle with separate driver – this means our Scout Relocation consultant’s attention will be on you and not on the road.

Relocation Orientation tour packages are essential as they provide an overview of a new city and by definition help to reduce the stress for new comers. That stress reduction allows the assignee to be more focused on his/her new job which also increases productivity of the company hiring the assignee.

The Orientation Tour was efficient and great care was taken of our family. In fact, we all felt quickly adapted to Beijing and the lifestyle in only two days.