In a family relocation, finding a suitable school for school-age children is probably one of the top priorities. If the family does not receive professional education assistance and the children end up being unhappy at school, this may cause the full expatriation to fail. Scout Relocation in-house school search consultants understands this and will help ease some of the pressure by introducing children’s families to the right expat schools according to their curriculums, policies and specialties.

Scout Relocation assistance in a school search package contains the following services:

  • School search (profiling)
  • Advice on admission procedures and various school systems (profiling)
  • Advice on availability of school openings
  • School performance information (profiling)
  • Arrange viewing or interview appointments (admission department or headmaster)
  • Organize registration (enrollment)
  • Assist with pre-payment (initial deposit & tuition)

Please check Scout Relocations international school listings

There are many international schools available in Beijing but popular ones can be difficult to get into. Lucky that the Scout team insisted on doing some pre-arrival prospection for us to register our kids on time at the ISB School.