Spouse / Partner support

Scout Relocation recognizes that a happy Spouse/Partner is an integral part of a successful assignment. Understanding the accompanying Spouse/Partner wishes is crucial. Whether the Spouse/Partner wishes to study, get a job (if legal), take care of the family, have more mobility or simply have some time off, Scout Relocation consultants will make sure that he or she finds happiness in his/her expatriation. Our Career specialists navigate the complexities of maintaining professional skills and to build new ones. When employment is not an option for the Spouse/Partner, our specialist will guide the Spouse/Partner’s assignee toward new personal goals.

First our specialist will uncover the possibilities and challenges ahead of your work search:

  • What are your fields of interest and your current skills?
  • What jobs are available for foreigners in the city?
  • What are your expectation compared to the job market?
  • Have you got the abilities to work and adapt to the host location?
  • Etc.…

After our specialists will offer you support in many aspects of your work search:

  • Coaching on CV writing, cover letter and interview training (country culture and norms)
  • Introduction to employment networks (Headhunters, Job Fairs…)
  • Help identify potential employers

Additionally, Scout Relocation can provide information and advice regarding non-employment based activities. This includes:

  • Higher education program available
  • Volunteering (charities)
  • Local networking groups
  • Entrepreneurial support

Reorienting my own career in China has been challenging but Scout introduced me to a specialized professional who assisted me a lot.