Temporary housing

Either on departure, short assignments or in the initial period after their arrival, the assignee and their family may require Scout Relocation Temporary Accommodation Services. On arrival, this Temporary housing service in serviced apartments (mainly) allow the assignee and their family to spend more time finding their permanent residence, while on departure, it will give them more time to finalize their move. Short term leases prove much more cost-effective than a hotel.

Scout Relocation Temporary Housing Services package consists of:

  • Assignee need assessment
  • Accommodation selection
  • Property Viewing
  • Lease negotiation & Booking assistance
  • Payment facilities (initial deposits/payment)
  • Deposit recovery

We got a last minute change of plans that left us without accommodation for 6 days, luckily Alexis helped us find a proper hotel room on time for me and my wife.