Tenancy & Expense Management


Tenancy management helps the assignee in case there are any questions or problems during the lease, from regular check-up calls to the retrieval of security deposits.

In order to reduce the assignee and HR departments’ workload involved in dealing with property related issues, our Scout Relocation consultant will be available 24/7 for any tenancy management matters throughout the term of the lease:

  • Regular check-up calls:
    Scout consultants want to make sure everything is all right during your lease. To do so, tenancy management services include regular check-up calls.
  • Handle repairs and maintenance assistance:
    In case of breakage, leakage or maintenance work, your Scout Consultant finds the proper Handyman according to your needs.
  • Record assignee housing in database:
    In order to reduce HR tenancy management workload on tenancy management, your Scout consultant records all assignee information in our database.
  • Communication with landlord and building management:
    Need to communicate information to your landlord or building management? Ask your consultant for assistance.
  • HR payment reminders, rental invoice or receipt delivery, debit note:
    Time is money, Scout Relocation saves both HR and the assignee time and effort on daily tenancy management administration.
  • Lease extension services:
    If the assignee wants to extend a lease, Scout Relocation consultant will handle the negotiation.
  • Termination notice to landlord (issue)
  • Damage claim management
  • Substitution of tenants (if needed)
  • Retrieval of security deposit

Information: A satisfaction survey will be sent to the assignee after moving in to make sure that no tenancy issues are unsolved.

Scout Relocation is here to deliver excellent relocation customer service all around China (Beijing, Shanghai…).


SCOUT RELOCATION in-house expense management team will make sure that all assignee expenses are managed on time and audit any expenses to make sure that they are handled following HR’s policies. Those services are primarily to reduce stress and save time to both the employee and the company administration.

Scout Relocation’s professional expense management team will help organize payments/book-keeping of rental, utilities, tuitions and other associated fees.

Our Expense Management services package:

  • Pre-payment of first month’s rent and/or deposit
  • Ongoing Property Payments
  • Collect rental receipt
  • Debit note management
  • Expenses reimbursement to employee
  • Expense management reporting
  • Assist with extra payments (School/membership/Subscription/Storage…)

Expense Management Benefits:

  • Fast repayment to employees of expenses
  • Expense reporting feeds to payroll
  • Audit expenses for compliance with company policy

During our three year stay at Park Apartments, our family was very satisfied with Scout and we had unlimited support when issues came up.