Visa & Immigration

Scout Relocation professionals along with immigration specialists provide a tailored solution for the assignees’ immigration needs. Fully aligned with the latest regulatory requirements, Scout Relocation will ensure that all immigration (Visa, Work Permit, Residence Permit) permissions are in place on time by using the best channels to apply in China (Beijing, Shanghai…). Non-compliance to immigration regulations in China is a significant risk for any companies’ business.

Scout Relocation can deliver immigration solutions for Visas, Work or Residence Permits anywhere in China (Beijing, Shanghai…)

    • Assessment & Advice consultation (Assignee needs & Government requirements)
    • Collect & Preparation of documentation (origin and destination locations)
    • Application, Extension & Cancellation
    • Registration to local government
    • Track and report expiry and renewal dates
    • Language Translation Assistance
    • Immigration Tracking System
    • Updates on changes in local immigration laws or procedures
    • Arrange Medical Check (Health Check), Certificate of Eligibility
    • Assistance with legalization, Certification, Bank guarantee, Notarization and Sponsoring Guarantee
    • Reporting update (HR)

In addition, Scout Relocation can assist with:

    • Appeals
    • Long Term & Social Visits
    • Passport applications and renewals

The Scout Relocation team understands that all that data information is strictly confidential and must be secured in a safe and controlled environment for the good of your immigration.

Important: Obtaining a work permit on time is not only necessary for you to work legally in China but also necessary for your belongings to enter China (requested by law).

Do I need a visa?

Foreign citizens usually need a visa to come to China, except for bilateral agreements between China and foreign countries regulations.

We had no idea about China immigration rules and how to apply for a working visa, lulu from Scout did a great job in getting our family visas and registrations on time.