Temporary housing

Either on departure, short assignments or in the initial period after their arrival, the assignee and their family may require Scout Relocation Temporary Accommodation Services. On arrival, this Temporary housing service in serviced apartments (mainly) allow the assignee and their family to spend more time finding their permanent residence, while on departure, it will give them more time to finalize their move. Short term leases prove much more cost-effective than a hotel.

Scout Relocation Temporary Housing Services package consists of:

  • Assignee need assessment
  • Accommodation selection
  • Property Viewing
  • Lease negotiation & Booking assistance
  • Payment facilities (initial deposits/payment)
  • Deposit recovery

Home search

Looking for a home is like shopping for clothes. Photos are useful, but you have to be here to make sure the merchandise fits you.

Finding the proper home answering your budget and personal requirements might be a time-consuming process and therefore take few days or more to be found. Due to many years of experience relocating expats in China, our Scout Relocation Consultant will speed up that process in order to find the right houses and/or apartments for the assignee and their family.

Do not forget to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Your rental budget
  • Your commute to work
  • Your kids commute to school
  • Transportation: Subway, ring road, shuttle bus to school
  • Convenience: Foreign supermarkets, cafes, restaurants.
  • Is it kid friendly?
  • Are we far from expat attractions?
  • Do I get foreign TV channels?
  • Is there a gym?

Our expert consultant is here to understand and anticipate housing challenges in order to reduce costs and stresses of temporary accommodation. Your Scout Relocation Consultant provides reliable Chinese market rental information, local practices of leasing and many tips on the assignees home search.

Scout Relocation Consultants assists the assignee throughout the entire housing process, which involves:

  • Property Viewings
  • Orientation tour of Residential Areas
  • Negotiations with landlords on preferred properties
  • Contract reviewing (translations assistance if necessary)
  • Landlord due diligence
  • Rental Lease Contract Signature
  • Payment assistance (Deposit, first rental, collect rental invoice, Prepare debit note)
  • HR Ongoing Reporting (if required)


In a family relocation, finding a suitable school for school-age children is probably one of the top priorities. If the family does not receive professional education assistance and the children end up being unhappy at school, this may cause the full expatriation to fail. Scout Relocation in-house school search consultants understands this and will help ease some of the pressure by introducing children’s families to the right expat schools according to their curriculums, policies and specialties.

Scout Relocation assistance in a school search package contains the following services:

  • School search (profiling)
  • Advice on admission procedures and various school systems (profiling)
  • Advice on availability of school openings
  • School performance information (profiling)
  • Arrange viewing or interview appointments (admission department or headmaster)
  • Organize registration (enrollment)
  • Assist with pre-payment (initial deposit & tuition)

Please check Scout Relocations international school listings

Orientation tour

Scout Relocation Orientation Tour Package introduces and prepares incoming families to Chinese cities (Beijing, Shanghai…) environments and local living conditions. The orientation tour package is generally up to a maximum of seven days and are usually scheduled one or two months prior to relocation to China (depending on the wishes and expectations of the employee or HR department).

An Orientation tour for the assignee is an opportunity to look and see a new environment and to help in the decision to accept an assignment or for the corporations to reassure a family of their new environment.

Scout Relocation orientation tour / Look & See package includes:

  • Meet & greet at the airport (Hotel or Office Transfer)
  • Welcome Bag (Information about the city -Local Map- cost of living, cross culture tips, schools, useful contacts, etc.)
  • Housing Tour (Explanation of the property market & daily life tips included)
  • Information and visit of public transport (Subway, Taxi, Bus)
  • Visiting shopping facilities, accommodations and attractions (Furniture shops, supermarkets, shopping mall, restaurant, bar streets)
  • Introduction to local expat associations and organizations
  • Information on the education system and visits to potential schools or kindergartens
  • Information on the health system and visits of international hospitals, dentist, etc.
  • Information on property and health insurance
  • Intercultural briefing (Scout Relocation Consultant)
  • The individual or family members will have many opportunities to ask for more useful information according to their personal interest (Religious, sports, travelling, etc.…)
  • Bank Account Opening assistance

Information: All of our relocation tours utilize a vehicle with separate driver – this means our Scout Relocation consultant’s attention will be on you and not on the road.

Relocation Orientation tour packages are essential as they provide an overview of a new city and by definition help to reduce the stress for new comers. That stress reduction allows the assignee to be more focused on his/her new job which also increases productivity of the company hiring the assignee.

Visa & Immigration

Scout Relocation professionals along with immigration specialists provide a tailored solution for the assignees’ immigration needs. Fully aligned with the latest regulatory requirements, Scout Relocation will ensure that all immigration (Visa, Work Permit, Residence Permit) permissions are in place on time by using the best channels to apply in China (Beijing, Shanghai…). Non-compliance to immigration regulations in China is a significant risk for any companies’ business.

Scout Relocation can deliver immigration solutions for Visas, Work or Residence Permits anywhere in China (Beijing, Shanghai…)

    • Assessment & Advice consultation (Assignee needs & Government requirements)
    • Collect & Preparation of documentation (origin and destination locations)
    • Application, Extension & Cancellation
    • Registration to local government
    • Track and report expiry and renewal dates
    • Language Translation Assistance
    • Immigration Tracking System
    • Updates on changes in local immigration laws or procedures
    • Arrange Medical Check (Health Check), Certificate of Eligibility
    • Assistance with legalization, Certification, Bank guarantee, Notarization and Sponsoring Guarantee
    • Reporting update (HR)

In addition, Scout Relocation can assist with:

    • Appeals
    • Long Term & Social Visits
    • Passport applications and renewals

The Scout Relocation team understands that all that data information is strictly confidential and must be secured in a safe and controlled environment for the good of your immigration.

Important: Obtaining a work permit on time is not only necessary for you to work legally in China but also necessary for your belongings to enter China (requested by law).

Do I need a visa?

Foreign citizens usually need a visa to come to China, except for bilateral agreements between China and foreign countries regulations.

Departure Services

Scout Relocation’s Departure Services program is here to assist the expatriate individual or family with a wide range of solutions to avoid any delay and additional costs with the administrative process involved while relocating. Repatriating is a time-consuming process and Scout Relocation is here to make sure everything goes smoothly and has been properly settled.

Scout Relocation’s meticulous check-in process (Home Inventory) will be of great benefit during your departure housing termination in order to avoid any additional financial liabilities (Home Damage, Deposit).

Our departure services are divided into housing termination departure services and non-housing termination departure services, both available in many cities in China (Beijing, Shanghai…)

Housing termination services package:

  • Lease termination notification to landlord
  • Pre-inspection of residence
  • Rectification Works and Cleaning
  • Disconnecting utilities
  • Property handover
  • Home cleaning
  • Recovery of security deposit
  • Termination of furniture lease
  • Temporary Housing (interim period during hand over)

Non-Housing termination services package:

  • Closing bank account(s)
  • Deregistering with the authorities (Work Permit, Visa)
  • Collect of Social Security money back from government (Retirement funds)
  • Cancelling insurance (Property, Health)
  • School registration (Tuition fees)
  • Terminate club memberships/subscriptions (phone)
  • Mail forwarding support
  • Cancelling school enrolments
  • Temporary Storage (if necessary)
  • Moving coordination

Spouse / Partner support

Scout Relocation recognizes that a happy Spouse/Partner is an integral part of a successful assignment. Understanding the accompanying Spouse/Partner wishes is crucial. Whether the Spouse/Partner wishes to study, get a job (if legal), take care of the family, have more mobility or simply have some time off, Scout Relocation consultants will make sure that he or she finds happiness in his/her expatriation. Our Career specialists navigate the complexities of maintaining professional skills and to build new ones. When employment is not an option for the Spouse/Partner, our specialist will guide the Spouse/Partner’s assignee toward new personal goals.

First our specialist will uncover the possibilities and challenges ahead of your work search:

  • What are your fields of interest and your current skills?
  • What jobs are available for foreigners in the city?
  • What are your expectation compared to the job market?
  • Have you got the abilities to work and adapt to the host location?
  • Etc.…

After our specialists will offer you support in many aspects of your work search:

  • Coaching on CV writing, cover letter and interview training (country culture and norms)
  • Introduction to employment networks (Headhunters, Job Fairs…)
  • Help identify potential employers

Additionally, Scout Relocation can provide information and advice regarding non-employment based activities. This includes:

  • Higher education program available
  • Volunteering (charities)
  • Local networking groups
  • Entrepreneurial support

Pet relocation

Scout Relocation together with its Pet Relocation partner offers the ability to transport pets (cats, dogs, horses, etc.…) anywhere in the world: their mobility is a priority. Relocating pets requires careful planning and handling to ensure that your pet travels safely and comfortably door-to-door. Our Pet Relocation partner has worked in the Pet Relocation industry for more than 15 years. Our common objective it to ensure your pet arrives healthy and safe to its destination.

Our Pet Relocation provider services package covers:

  • Pick Up from origin residence
  • Official Documentation Management
  • Veterinary work (i.e. health certificate, treatments, vaccinations, certificate, blood test, …)
  • Customs Clearance
  • Quarantine Bookings (if applicable)
  • Airport Arrangement
  • Collection & Delivery
  • Permit Application
  • Pet Grooming
  • Delivery

We work hand in hand with the pet’s owner to address each pets needs during transportation

Language Training


Relocating to another country like China (Beijing, Shanghai…) as an expatriate always brings along the challenges of cross cultural differences. Scout Relocation and its accredited training centers and cross cultural coaches have customized consulting, training and coaching services in interactive workshops where assignees explore and understand the differences in culture. These relocation training services are tailored to the specific situation of you and your family, to give a full introduction to living and working in China.

Often Cross Cultural training services are recommended for assignees who are newly relocated to China, and are expected to adapt and contribute to the business in a relatively short space of time.

Scout Relocation cross-cultural training topics:

  • Morals, attitudes and behavior
  • Social elegances, politeness, hospitality, communication skills
  • Business styles, management, decision making and negotiating
  • Culture
  • Customs, religion and tradition
  • Understanding culture shock and how to deal with it
  • Social Orientation

Scout Relocation will make sure to tailor an appropriate Cross-Cultural service package fitting the assignee’s interests: Whether the assignee wants to improve their business or social skills, Scout Relocation provide the most suitable training center accordingly.


Scout Relocation with its accredited language training partners provide a wide range of flexible programs that are tailored to the specific language training needs of the employee and their family anywhere in large Chinese cities (Beijing, Shanghai…).

  • Select language training companies: our language training partners have been selected because we trust their services and believe that our assignees and their families will feel the same way.
  • Accompany & advise you by choosing a language school: We accompany the assignee and their family during the visits of pre- selected language training centers and share our feedbacks.
  • Assist you in signing up for a language course: Once the language training center final selection as been made, Scout Relocation will take care of your registration for you.

Information: HR department may choose between individual language training or group training as per your specific needs.

Moving & Storage


Since our first day as a destination service provider, Scout Relocation has formed strong partnerships with some of China’s leading moving and storage companies who are specialized in diverse moving and storage expertise (Household good, Vehicle…) in order to improve the overall support to our assignee’s moving and storage needs.

Scout Relocation with the help of its partners is now able to provide you with a one stop solution for all your relocation moving and storage needs.


Moving your household objects (Furniture, Clothing…) to China should take between 4 to 8 weeks depending on the origin. Start receiving quotes a minimum of 4 weeks before your actual move in order to select the right moving company who will take care of your move to China (Beijing, Shanghai….). Our partners and Scout Relocation have been working together for many years and can bring you a very comprehensive package for your move in China (Beijing, Shanghai….).

  • Pre-Move Survey: During this stage of your move, our team will try to identify your needs and make you aware of some of the most important shipping and customs regulations for your move to China (Beijing, Shanghai….)
  • The Quotation: Price often is a large part of an assignee’s decision on which moving company to choose; however, this is also when you will be able to compare the size and weight of your shipment, the destination of the shipment, the approximate transit time as well as whom you are dealing with.
  • Packing & Loading: This stage of the move is the time that all moving companies have to show their professionalism and bring the best of themselves, use the most adapted packaging methods and assure quality control to their assignees.
  • Customs Clearance: To import or export any shipment to China (Beijing, Shanghai…) regulations have to be followed (residence permit required). For your move, our team will provide you with all the necessary paperwork.
  • Forwarding: By land, sea or air, your move to China will have to be forwarded to the most appropriate forwarders. Our team experience is here to select those professional forwarders for you and therefore ensure you with a safe move.
  • Delivery: Together with our moving relocation coordinator and your HR department, our team will arrange the necessary customs clearance and other formalities to ensure the delivery of your shipment as fast as possible.
  • Insurance: Our moving team partner will provide you with complete transit insurance coverage to secure your move to or from China (Beijing, Shanghai…).



No matter where in the world you need to import or export your car to conserve your mobility, Scout Relocation and its trusted moving partner can assist you in your Vehicle relocation (Car, Motorbike, etc.…) following international shipping and Chinese regulations. Door to door delivery with comprehensive vehicle inspection (pick-up and delivery inspection). Insurance options are also available.


When an assignee and their family arrive in China it can be still unclear whether or not their property will have the available space for their furniture and personal belonging. Scout Relocation and its storage partners provide flexible and effective storage.

Your belongings will be stored in our partner’s storage facilities until your final departure or anytime you want them. Scout Relocation is always by your side to keep an eye on and to protect your goods and furniture during your storage lease.

Tenancy & Expense Management


Tenancy management helps the assignee in case there are any questions or problems during the lease, from regular check-up calls to the retrieval of security deposits.

In order to reduce the assignee and HR departments’ workload involved in dealing with property related issues, our Scout Relocation consultant will be available 24/7 for any tenancy management matters throughout the term of the lease:

  • Regular check-up calls:
    Scout consultants want to make sure everything is all right during your lease. To do so, tenancy management services include regular check-up calls.
  • Handle repairs and maintenance assistance:
    In case of breakage, leakage or maintenance work, your Scout Consultant finds the proper Handyman according to your needs.
  • Record assignee housing in database:
    In order to reduce HR tenancy management workload on tenancy management, your Scout consultant records all assignee information in our database.
  • Communication with landlord and building management:
    Need to communicate information to your landlord or building management? Ask your consultant for assistance.
  • HR payment reminders, rental invoice or receipt delivery, debit note:
    Time is money, Scout Relocation saves both HR and the assignee time and effort on daily tenancy management administration.
  • Lease extension services:
    If the assignee wants to extend a lease, Scout Relocation consultant will handle the negotiation.
  • Termination notice to landlord (issue)
  • Damage claim management
  • Substitution of tenants (if needed)
  • Retrieval of security deposit

Information: A satisfaction survey will be sent to the assignee after moving in to make sure that no tenancy issues are unsolved.

Scout Relocation is here to deliver excellent relocation customer service all around China (Beijing, Shanghai…).


SCOUT RELOCATION in-house expense management team will make sure that all assignee expenses are managed on time and audit any expenses to make sure that they are handled following HR’s policies. Those services are primarily to reduce stress and save time to both the employee and the company administration.

Scout Relocation’s professional expense management team will help organize payments/book-keeping of rental, utilities, tuitions and other associated fees.

Our Expense Management services package:

  • Pre-payment of first month’s rent and/or deposit
  • Ongoing Property Payments
  • Collect rental receipt
  • Debit note management
  • Expenses reimbursement to employee
  • Expense management reporting
  • Assist with extra payments (School/membership/Subscription/Storage…)

Expense Management Benefits:

  • Fast repayment to employees of expenses
  • Expense reporting feeds to payroll
  • Audit expenses for compliance with company policy

Settling in & Concierge

Settling-in a new foreign country like China as an expatriate is a challenging task for both the corporations and the assignees.

On arrival, Scout Relocation teams offer a wide range of Settling-in & Concierge Services to make the process of transition as simple as possible during those overwhelming first days and weeks. From moving in preparation (Check-in) to police registration, bank account opening, car rental assistance and much more, Scout Relocation is here to ensure that the assignee and their family are experiencing a smooth transition into their new city (Beijing, Shanghai,)

Scout Relocation Settling-in & Concierge Services:

  • Pre-move inspection (House):
    Scout Consultant inspect the assignee’s house to make sure it is fully ready for use. (Cleaning Services, Repair, Furniture, Internet, Telephone…).
  • Airport Pick up & Drop Off:
    Whichever city the assignee is arriving (Beijing, Shanghai…), a Scout Consultant will greet you at the airport and be at your service.
  • Living Area Discovery Tour:
    Large Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai need time for an assignee and their family to get familiar with. Scout City Orientation Tour shows the surroundings to the assignee and their family (International schools, hospitals, supermarkets, transportation facilities…).
  • Check-In:
    Scout Consultant will schedule a meeting with the assignee and the landlord prior to the move in date, to make a full inventory of the house and exchange keys.
  • Wi-Fi and TV Satellite Services:
    Scout relocation services experts are available to assist you in your Wi-Fi and TV Satellite needs.
  • Police Registration (within 24 Hours after moving in – Required by law):
    During the check-in or within 24 hours after moving into your new property, a Scout Consultant will help you register at the police station as required by law in China (Beijing, Shanghai…).
  • Bank Account Opening:
    In China (Beijing, Shanghai…) the language gap may be difficult to manage for new expatriates therefore Scout Consultants can help you with your banking needs.
  • Mobile Phone (Subscription & Purchase):
    A large number of phone and internet packages are available on the market. Let your Scout Consultant help you choose the most suitable service package for you.
  • Furniture Rental:
    Settling-in in a new house can be pleasant, even more so if all the furniture fits your needs and desires. If there is any lack of it, Scout Relocation furniture rental service is here to help you procure any further furniture you might want or need.
  • Property & Health Insurance (Subscription):
    While being abroad, having a good health coverage is a must. Insurance for your belongings and the property, the assignee and their family leases may also require an insurance plan.  Landlords in large cities like Beijing & Shanghai are more likely to request the assignee to take an insurance plan.
  • Handyman (small renovations):
    Scout Relocation services do include some handyman help in case small renovation or repairs are needed by the tenant.
  • Ayi or Nanny (Interview & Booking):
    Scout Relocation services includes not only booking of a qualified Ayi or Nanny, but also selection to make sure the domestic will be somebody worthy of your trust.
  • Car Rental or Driver:
    Settling-in in your house is one thing but what about other relocation services that may be needed as an expat? In case the assignee and their family would need a Car Rental or Driver to help them drive around, Scout relocation is here to select the right provider for them. It takes time for any foreigner to get accustomed to the traffic in large Chinese cities. (Beijing, Shanghai…)
  • Driving License Application:
    If you want to drive your imported or rented car, a driving license must be obtained. (Exception of Belgium and Hong Kong nationals). Because finding your way through the Beijing or Shanghai administrative maze is not easy for foreigners, Scout Relocation offers its registration services to help you pass your driving license.
  • Translation Assistance:
    In case of any administrative translation needs (notarization, contracts…), Scout Relocation and its selected partners can assist you.
  • Storage (short & long term):
    Scout Relocation and its selected suppliers provides storage services for all your needs.
  • Professional Cleaning:
    Grease and dirt accumulate in a house, especially in cities as polluted as Beijing and Shanghai, and sometimes an Ayi is not sufficient enough to take care of the deep dirty work. Scout relocation provides deep cleaning services if needed by the assignee. Our selection of professional cleaning partners will ensure a spotless house when you begin settling-in.
  • Pest control:
    Scout Relocation expert exterminator partners can treat cockroaches, mice, rats, termites, ants and other pests fast and effectively.
  • Plant Management:
    Scout relocation partners offer plant management services including; selection of plants from their catalogue, delivery to door, design advice depending to your choices and domestic plant care.
  • House security:
    Scout relocation offers a wide range of home security systems depending of your concerns; alarms, locks, safes and cameras are examples of tools our partners can provide.
  • Chinese Classes:
    Speaking Chinese isn’t as hard as people think. Do not let the language frighten you, and with the help of Scout Relocation Language partner training services, find the motivation and the courage to learn a new language!
  • Indoor & Outdoor Environment (Air Purifier, Water Filter, Masks, Monitor, …):
    The air-pocalypse is a threat to take seriously, especially in large cities like Beijing or Shanghai. A good settling-in program requires one to be equipped with tools to help you and your family live in a healthy environment. Scout Relocation service includes assistance to help you choose the most suitable equipment provider for your family protection (Air Purifiers, Water filters, Masks, Monitors, etc.).
  • Shopping assistance (Orientation & Translation):
    Beijing and Shanghai are fabulous cities for shopping fanatics. Our Scout Relocation consultants are here to help guide and negotiate for you during your shopping trips.
  • Online ticket booking (Train, Airplane, Concert, …):
    Once settled in China, the assignee and their family may want to take in all the sights and experiences that China has to offer (Music Concerts, Theatre, Travelling…) which may require some online booking (English or Chinese). Scout Relocation is available to assist the assignee in buying tickets if such services are needed.
  • Online Purchases (Food, Furniture, Clothing, etc.):
    China’s online shopping is highly developed and extremely convenient. Ask your Scout Relocation consultant if any online purchasing assistance is required.


To find out more about settling-in & concierge services or any other relocation service, contact Scout Relocation today.